Working environment

What is working environment?

Working environment is what surrounds you at work. The physical working environment is, for example, the air, sounds, the light, and work utilities. The social working environment refers to your mental health and wellbeing at work.
No one should become injured, become sick, or feel bad because of their job.

What is systematic working environment work?

Systematic work allows us to discover risks before an accident or illness happens. The opposite is to make changes after an illness or accident has happened. For exemple replacing and old ladder because it's unstable, and not wait until someone has fallen off it. STIL works systematically with the working environment. We call it SAMS – systematic working environment work in STIL. All employees need to follow our guidelines, which are a part of it.

Who carries the responsibility?

STIL, as an employer, carries the main responsibility. How it works in practice at a certain workplace depends on who leads the work. It can be a co-supervisor, administrative assistant, or supervisor-resource who leads the work.
Ask your supervisor if you have questions about the working environment work. It is the supervisor-resource who has the responsibility of following up on the working environment work in all of STIL’s assistances. Therefore you can also ask the supervisor-resource if you’re wondering about something.

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