Work at STIL

What does a personal assistant do?

As a personal assistant, you help another person live their life. Personal assistance is not healthcare. You will not treat nor take care of. You will make it possible for someone else to live their life. You are a part of making society more equal. What you do at work depends on who you work with. You must adapt to your workplace. Some assistants need to show a great deal of calm. Some assistants are someone’s arms or feet.

Whom will I work with?

The person you work with is your immediate manager in STIL – your supervisor. You are not to decide over your supervisor. Your supervisor needs support and service in their everyday life. Your supervisor is in charge of your wages, your schedule, and when you will have vacation days. Sometimes the supervisor has support from a co-supervisor. It is a person the supervisor trusts.

What is a good personal assistant?

A lot of people want to show how good they are by doing a lot at work. But a good personal assistant can listen and wait. Ask your supervisor instead of guessing what you are to do. You and your friends do things differently. You clean your home differently, like different kinds of clothes, and cook in different ways. When you work as a personal assistant you will do things the way your Supervisor wants you to.

Do personal assistants need training?

What you need to know depends on whom you’re working with. If you need special training for your workplace, you will get it at the workplace. Most important is your personality. Your supervisor chooses you for the job because you are right for the job. Some supervisors prefer it if you have a certain education. Many supervisors prefer it if you have worked in a service profession, like in hotels or restaurants, or with something else that isn’t healthcare.

What do I get as a personal assistant in STIL?

STIL has a long history as an employer. We give you, as an employee good terms and benefits. With STIL you can feel secure with your employment.

Collective agreement

The collective agreement in STIL is between KFO and Kommunal. The Collective Bargaining agreement means for example that you receive a regulated compensation for inconvenient working hours.

Possibility for training

STIL’s courses are sometimes open for assistants. You can also take a course offered by someone other than STIL. It is your supervisor who decides what training you need.

Wellness contribution 

You who work according to a schedule and has been employed by STIL for at least 3 months have a right to wellness contribution for up to 3 000 kr per year.

Pension and insurance benefits

According to the collective agreement for assistants in STIL there are insurances which cover illness, work-related injuries, severance pay, cases of death, foreign service, pension, and insurance during parental leave. The pension selection is administered by the agreement insurances KAP (KFO-LO). Contact them to make decisions concerning your pension benefit, The cooperative’s agreement pension (KAP)

How do I become a personal assistant?

Supervisors in STIL choose themselves who will work as an assistant. You will find available jobs in the menu to the left.

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