What can I decide in the economy of my personal assistance?

All supervisors have their own account in STIL. We call it your project. There STIL documents your assistance economy with income, spending and results. You receive a statement of the economy in your project every three months. You can keep track of the finances and what you use the money for.
You decide for yourself how you will use the money in your project. If you want, you can get help from the office in making a budget. You decide which courses you or your assistants need to attend. You decide how large the assistance overhead you need.

There are some things in your assistance finances you cannot make decisions about. They are:

  • STIL’s administrative fee, which is 8% of the assistance reimbursement.
  • What costs are valid for assistance. The Swedish Tax Agency decides that.
  • STIL’s buffer.

Frequently asked questions about the finances in STIL

How much is STIL’s administrative fee?

It is 8% of the governmental assistance reimbursement. That is 23 SEK per hour of assistance (2016). The fee covers support from the office, STIL’s foundational courses and member days.

How do I keep track of the finances of my personal assistance?

You receive a statement of the economy in your project every three months. If you want to be able to see what your economy looks like, whenever you want, then you can get a login for our economy system. You can also contact our financial department to get a statement of what the finances look like. They will also help you if there is something in the statement you don’t understand.

What is STIL’s buffer?

All projects in STIL must have saved up money in a buffer. The buffer will cover one month’s salary for the assistants. The buffer is used during unexpected events, for example when you are in a hospital and Försäkringskassan (The Social Insurance Agency) won’t let you bring your assistants. Most supervisors in STIL saves up a buffer during their first two years in STIL. STIL makes exceptions for you who can’t save up a buffer, for example if you have a higher hourly rate.

What is STILs Assistance guarantee?

STIL’s Assistance Guarantee covers your costs for up to three months if something unexpected happens. It can be if you are in a hospital and don’t get assistance reimbursement, or if you get a new decision about your personal assistance.

What happens if my money isn’t enough?

STIL can help you apply for raised assistance reimbursement. That is if you have high costs in your assistance, for example if you have a co-supervisor, your assistants need a lot of training or certain skills, or if you have high costs for inconvenient work hours.

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