The self determination compass

The self-determination compass is a method in STIL. Everyone can make their own self-determination compass. In STIL you can make your own self-determination compass. It will lead to the personal assistance making it possible for you as a supervisor to live your own life where you can and are allowed to make your own decisions with support from personal assistants, co-supervisor, and trustee.

There are several parts to the self-determination compass:


In a training you will learn what can be important in order for you to be able to decide more. The training builds upon experiences from many supervisors, co-supervisors, personal assistants, trustees, and from research. Your personal assistants and your co-supervisor can also go through the training. Everyone you want to go through the training can do so.


In the mentoring you and your mentor meet to talk about what is important for you to be able to make your own decisions. You can, if you want, bring your co-supervisor, trustee, and assistants into the mentoring. Sometimes the supervisor can’t attend and then co-supervisor, trustee, and assistants can receive mentoring instead.

To make a self-determination compass

In the tool, the self-determination compass, you write as a supervisor what you want the assistants to do and say in order for you to make decisions in your life. It can be things you like or dislike. There is a template and an instruction for how you can make your own self-determination compass. You decide what needs to be in your self-determination compass. If you would rather write what you need for a self-determined life in your job description, that also works.

How does it happen?

The self-determination compass is customized for each supervisor and can be built in different ways. When we meet for the first time, we plan together how the work can be done in your assistance. You can make a small change or plan for a larger development. As a supervisor, it is you who decide.

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