Everyone who has personal assistance in STIL are members of the organization STIL, The Founders of Independent Living in Sweden. The organization STIL owns 100 % of the service corporation STIL Assistans AB.

The organization's highest decision-making body is the Annual Meeting. The Annual meeting elects a board that will lead the organization between the Annual Meetings. The board’s role is to decide what STIL thinks about different issues, and to think in more long term ways. The board of the organization STIL is the same as the board of STIL Assistans AB. Only members can be elected for the board, that means no outsider. The Annual Meeting also elects an internal auditor. The internal auditor will make sure the board follows the decisions the Annual meeting has made and that the board follows the organization’s principles.

STIL has three offices and about 26 employees at the offices. They are divided into different departments based on their job duties. The executive director is the employee in charge of operations, that is the everyday work of the organization.
Every member of STIL is the supervisor of their own assistance. STIL is the legal employer for 1500 personal assistants who work at nearly 200 workplaces.

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