Become a supporting member

As a supporting member of STIL you are a part in supporting the organization that was a key player behind the law giving us the right to personal assistance, LSS. Our ideology Independent Living builds upon the principle:

  • everyone has the right to decide in their own life.
  • we who are subjected to a society that discrimination are experts on our own needs.
  • we will represent ourselves.

As a supporting member you receive a welcoming packet with information about STIL. Twice a year, you get our newsletter where we tell you about our political work. As a supporting member you can also become a part of our activist network.

Who can become a supporting member?

All who stand behind STIL’s ideology and principles of everyone’s equal value and right to make decisions in their own lives. You do not need to have personal assistance to become a supporting member.

How do I become a supporting member?

You become a supporting member by paying the membership fee to our “bankgiro”-account. Write “stödmedlemskap” on the payment slip. Also write down your name and address so you will receive our messages.

Bankgiro-account: 138-6192

Membership fee: 100 SEK per year

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