For new employees

Hello and welcome to STIL!

We are happy that you have started working as a personal assistant in STIL. Our goal is that everyone should be in charge of their own life. You as an assistant is a part of making this happen. It is important work and we hope that you will be happy at your new job. Here is some information that is good to know as a new employee.

STIL’s model

The person you work with is called supervisor. Your supervisor decides what your workday will look like and what your schedule will look like. Talk to your supervisor first if you want to apply for time off, if you get sick or have any other question. Some supervisors in STIL have a co-supervisor. It is someone who gives support to the supervisor. Your supervisor will explain how the job is done. Ask your supervisor if you don’t understand something.

STIL is your employer. STIL deposits your salary. STIL are ultimately responsible for your work environment and employment. Your supervisor has a contact at STIL’s office. The contact is called a supervisor-resource. You can talk to the supervisor-resource if you have questions that are hard to discuss with your supervisor, but we want you to talk to your supervisor first.

This is what you do to get your salary

Your salary is hourly. Your salary is deposited every month on the 25th of the month after you worked. When the 25th is on the weekend your salary is deposited the previous weekday. You have to send your tax bill to STIL in order to get your first salary. You also have to report what bank account you want your salary deposited into. You do this at Swedbank’s website: You can see your pay stub at: This is regardless of what bank you’re with. You will receive an email from STIL with instructions for logging in report your hours. Fill out and sign your reported hours before the 3rd of every month. 

Professional secrecy

All employees in STIL must observe professional secrecy. You are not allowed to talk to others about your supervisor, ther friends, family, or similar if there is a risk any of them can be harmed. The professional secrecy also covers photographs, addresses, and phone numbers. It is the supervisor who decides what can be harmful. You cannot decide that. Therefore, it is important that you ask your supervisor what rules apply. The professional secrecy is in place even when you no longer work there. It is in place for the rest of your life.

Reporting misconduct (Lex Sarah)

By law (1993:387) concerning the support and service for persons with disabilities (LSS) you must immediately tell someone at STIL’s office if you notice misconduct around your supervisor. You need to report it even when someone else tells you about misconduct, or if you see a risk of misconduct. Misconduct is not the way the supervisor chooses to live their life, but the job assistants perform. 

Work Environment

In STIL there is a systematic approach to bettering the work environment with every supervisor. As a personal assistant, you are a part of this. You will also follow guidelines and routines. You will report events at and comments about your work environment to your supervisor.

Emergency hotline

Sometimes a crisis happens which cannot wait till office hours. Then you can call STIL’s emergency hotline, which is open 24/7 when our switchboard is closed. The hotline’s number is 070-7508591. The emergency hotline cannot be used to solve personnel problems

If you have any questions, primarily contact your supervisor. We hope you will like working with us.

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