Member in STIL

STIL stands for The Founders of Independent Living in Sweden. STIL is a non-profit community organization. The organization is a part of the international Independent Living-movement. STIL is independent from any religion or political party.
The organization’s purpose is to support people who are discriminated against because of their functionality. The organization works for these people’s right to:

•    Self-determination and integrity
•    Full involvement and equality in society
•    Control over their own personal assistance and their lives
•    Social and geographic mobility
•    Flexibility and spontaneity

STIL works actively with influencing politics. We have gathered our political work under the term citizenfloor. You can find out more under STIL thinks.

You become a member of STIL by choosing STIL to be your assistance coordinator. The members have voting rights at the annual meeting. There, among other things, STIL’s board is elected. Only members can be on the board. You can also become a supporting member. You don’t need to have a norm-breaking functionality to become a supporting member. It is enough that you think STIL works for good things. Supporting members do not have voting rights at the annual meeting nor can they be on the board. All members will follow STIL’s constitution and support our principles. Soon you will find both documents below.

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