I am under 18. How will STIL make sure that I am in control of my life?

Personal assistance is just as important for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are. The personal assistance will make it possible to evolve, live and learn from one’s own preconditions.

You who are under 18 years old have a right to be a part of your own personal assistance. Your opinions are important and you have a right to say what you think. In STIL, the goal of personal assistance is self-determination, that everyone is in control of their own life. It can be about deciding what clothes you will wear, or what you will do after school.

STIL follows what the UN’s declaration of children’s rights says. We will always act in your best interest. We also have a children’s perspective in our work. A children’s perspective means that adults will see children’s situations from the children’s reality.
In STIL, one or several of your parents often help you in supervising your personal assistants. If not, you can decide if someone else will do it. Parents can also work as personal assistants for their children if that works in your family.

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