For employees

Here, you, as an employee, can read more about things that can be good to know.

Emergency hotline

Sometimes a crisis happens which cannot wait till office hours. Then you can call STIL’s emergency hotline at 070-7508591. The hotline cannot be used to solve personnel problems. The Emergency hotline is open 24/7 when our switchboard is closed.

Professional secrecy

All employees in STIL must observe professional secrecy. You are not allowed to talk to others about your supervisor, ther friends, family, or similar if there is a risk any of them can be harmed. The professional secrecy also covers photographs, addresses, and phone numbers. It is the supervisor who decides what can be harmful. You cannot decide that. Therefore, it is important that you ask your supervisor what rules apply. The professional secrecy is in place even when you no longer work there. It is in place for the rest of your life.

Reporting misconduct (Lex Sarah)

By law (1993:387) concerning the support and service for persons with disabilities (LSS) you must immediately tell someone at STIL’s office if you notice misconduct around your supervisor. Misconduct is for example that the supervisor's children are not doing well. Or that another assitant does something wrong. You need to report it even when someone tells tell you about misconduct, or if you see an evident risk of misconduct. Misconduct is not the way the supervisor chooses to live their life, but the job assistants perform.

Work environment

Your work environment is your surroundings when you work. Talk to your supervisor if you notice that something isn’t right in your work environment.

Collective agreement 

The collective agreement in STIL is between KFO and Kommunal. The collective agreement means, for example, that you receive a regulated compensation for inconvenient working hours.

Wellness contribution

You who work according to a schedule and has been employed in STIL for at least 3 months, have a right to wellness contribution (not if you are an hourly employee). You who are on parental leave can also receive reimbursement for wellness activities. First you pay for the activity. You hand in the receipt to your supervisor. You get 25% of the cost back.

  • At most you can get 3 000 kr per calendar year. If you, for example buy a gym membership for 4 000 kr, you will get 3 000 kr back. They you have used your entire wellness contribution for that year.
  • You can only receive wellness contributions for activities you do while you are employed. 
  • Remember to get a receipt. Your supervisor signs the receipt and sends it to STIL’s office.
  • In order to get reimbursement for the past year, all recipt must be sent to STIL’s office before the 31st of January.
  • STIL follows the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules concerning what counts as wellness activities.

Pension and insurance benefits

According to the collective agreement for assistants in STIL there are insurances which cover illness, work-related injuries, severance pay, cases of death, foreign service, pension, and insurance during parental leave. The pension selection is administered by the agreement insurances KAP (KFO-LO). Contact them to make decisions concerning your pension benefit, The cooperative’s agreement pension (KAP).

Quitting and asking for leave

You can find the right forms below (only in swedish, soon in English).

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