Election committee

The election committee is a group of members who’s position it is to suggest a good board and auditors for STIL’s annual meeting. As a member, you can suggest people whom you think would be good to have on the board or as auditors. You can also suggest people for other positions. All of STIL’s full members (people who have their assistance in STIL) have the same right to be elected. You can suggest yourself or someone else.

Suggestion delivered to the election committee needs to have name, contact information, and what position you are suggesting them for. You must ask the person if they want to be nominated and they need to say yes. If they have not been asked the suggestion will only be a name suggestion. The election committee decides for themselves if they want to move on with a name suggestion.

The election committee has the email address valberedningen@stil.se.

The election committee elected at the annual meeting 2016 is:

Barbro Adamek
Johanna Söderkvist
Lars Muthas

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