The board

The organization STIL owns STIL Assistans AB. The board is the same for both organizations. That way we have as much control as possible ove our personal assistance.

STIIL’s board consists of nine people. The President is elected for a year at the time at the annual meeting. The rest of the board members are elected for two years at a time. Everyone on the board has personal assistance of their own. As a member of STIL you can suggest people you think should be on the board. Contact the election committee if you want to do that.

If you want to cantact anyone on the board, you can email them. You email the board by writing their names with a period between thear first and last name, followed by Example:

The board elected at the annual meeting of 2016 is:

•    Maria Dahl, president
•    Gunilla "Gilla" Andersson, 1st vice president
•    Emma Johansson, 2nd vice president
•    Jonas Franksson, member
•    Veronica Kallander, member
•    Bengt Elmén, member
•    Mona Esbjörnsson, member
•    Tobias Samuelsson, member
•    Tinna Romlin Wooremaa, member
•    Pelle Kölhed, alternate

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