About STIL – The Founders of Independent Living in Sweden

STIL is a non-profit association by people with disabilities. We are a part of the Independent Living-movement. We work for self-determination, freedom, and equal opportunity, regardless of functional ability. Personal assistance is a human right and a tool for living the life you want. STIL is therefore a non-profit assistance cooperative.

STIL was founded already 1984. Through our first project, we were able to show society and politicians that personal assistance is cheaper and more effective than home care. Thanks to our first project, Sweden got the LSS Act, which gives the right to personal assistance.

STIL has about 200 members and STIL is the employer of approximately 1500 personal assistants. All who have their assistance in STIL are also members of the organization. Only those who have personal assistance themselves can take part an run STIL’s work. All members and everyone on the board have personal assistance themselves. No outsider will decide over us or make money on us.

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